Print as PDF "function" does not work any longer [fixed]

Hi Community,

in the past I was able (and happy) with the print as PDF option. My report looks like this:

and the created PDF looked like this:

So format colours etc. have been displayed in the PDF. Since the 2.0 launch I got this result:

All formats have disappeared and it looks like the content is being moved.

I have this behavior with all documents and currently can’t find a work around that creates a PDF, which represents the content including the colors.

Is this also the case with you? Did I miss something?

Thank you for your advice.


The problem is fixed today!

Thanks coda!!


For future reference, the nicest way to generate a static version of your table(s) that I’ve found, is to use the Gmail Pack to email a Section to yourself. The output looks relatively great (it doesn’t chop off the edge of the page–although I haven’t tried to print the email yet). I feel like if Coda used the same routine for the Print function, it would work well!


thx for the nice work around.
Cheers Thomas

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