Graphical bug on table when exporting to PDF


I have an annoying bug when exporting a CODA page with a table in the PDF format.
The table is “cut” between pages as expected but some graphical artifacts appear and some rows completely disapear… (exported to horizontal A4)

This appears both when exporting to PDF or printing to PDF (we usually use the second option).

We’re using CODA to handle construction projects accounting and we need to export to PDF regularly for our clients and for our archives so this is a crucial step for us…

Are we doing something wrong or is it a bug or a missing feature?

Thank you and best regards


Happening to my documents as well. All of my attendance lists that go over one page have people missing from them. This makes the PDF printing useless for my purposes and I’m not happy about it.

My last attempts at printing worked perfecly.
Has it been resolved?

If yes huge thanks to the Coda team for working on it so quickly!