Export to PDF with multi-page tables

First off, I love Coda for how it allows me to blend data and views. One of my use cases is to generate quotes and invoices. Sometimes I have a table that spans more than one page, or that would benefit from being broken up. I get two odd behaviors that I wonder if other people see, and if there is a solution for:

  1. Tables don’t break up depending on where they start, they wholesale start on the next page potentially leaving large open spaces that look odd.
  2. When tables do overflow and start on a second page, there is an extra blank page inserted.

Does anyone else see this and have a solution?

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue and apologies for the delay in response. This sounds like it might be related to a known bug the Coda team has identified. That said, we have moved this post to the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!

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Thanks for the reply Shaina. Coda has been great for me, but the limitations in exporting to PDF for email and print is really holding back my workflows. Thank you for moving this to the Suggestion Box. I’d love to see this fixed!


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Hey @Matthew_Campbell ,

We just received news that this bug has been resolved! Can you give it another shot and please let us know if you run into any issues?


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