Export to PDF using Print option

We haven’t built a full in-doc exporter yet but here’s a quick trick if you want to export your doc to PDF.


I’ve used the PDF option quite a few times now. It works just fine. Thanks.

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But you get undesirable headers/footers when you do that - it is fine for internal use but not something you would want to post publicly or share with a client.


I agree with you. I have been using it for internal purposes (quick and dirty) only. For something beyond that, we need something more refined.

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Would love to be able to print the custom invoice layout. I hope full fledged printing is high on the priority list. :pray:t4:


Yep, agree that we need a more complete solution for proper export, it’s on our list!


Hi there! When I try to print the Coda Doc with the method above, the thing right aligned disapear

I tried to print a (pretty large) coda doc this morning, on my Mac using Chrome, and I get a PDF with garbish.

I tried to print to PDF from Chrome or directly from the Apple print interface with the same results.

What’s wrong ?


I’m experiencing the same

I want to export to HTML.

Bcz, HTML is the best compatibility, and Coda is build by HTML, include CSS, JS.

Outline , bullet list, color, font, bold, link, photo, table , chart.

if all is right , and then batch convert PDF .

When I print photos, it currently looks like this.

The original looks like:
image )

Will there be an adjustment here?
Is there a way to make a second column?

Very soon I hope.
I’ve spent a year deciding on Coda or Notion
Full doc export would be brilliant.

Dear @lane,

On a regular base I get questions from people that like Coda a lot, but want to be able to export at least some tables, even while knowing that the information becomes static.

I know very well that it’s more a psychical thing that people feel that they are locked in

Would it be possible to provide a tool/wiki to export one table a time to the *.csv format?

It could come handy for the static information, like contact details or calculated results that do not change anymore because they are based on historical information

I am aware that “copy/paste” it’s possible, but :worried: - often it are the details that make people deciding to go for it or not!

Keep up with the great work :star:


Yes, agree we should support this, just have not prioritized it yet. In fact, we prototyped it a while back. It’s not on our immediate roadmap, but thanks for re-upping this one, I’ll add it to our stack to prioritize in coming quarters.