How to export records?

Hi all, I’m new to Coda and considering to port over from Airtable. There are some things Airtable can do that Coda can’t, vice versa. I was playing around with the Invoice doc template and got the layout that I want. The question I have is ‘how do I export a particular invoice record?’ I didn’t want to download the whole doc as a page and only want a specific invoice record so I could send an email to my customer.

FYI, I was using this template >

Hope to get some insights from you Codan gurus. Thanks!

Dear @Brendon_Koh,

It’s rather depending on the format / why you want to export.

There is an option to get the invoice record in a detail view and to add it to a mailing list to be distributed.
It’s possible to print (to *pdf) the same
If you want to export it to and Excel compatible format like *.csv it not (yet) possible and I don’t know if it’s on the road map at Coda.

HI @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

As attached, when viewing a row in detail view (which is already in the invoice layout format), how do you export it to PDF?

Dear @Brendon_Koh,

Here you will find the print option:


I recommend to create a section that you use for printing, to be able to adjust the lay-out as good as possible to your expectations.

:printer: Just to be fair, there is space for improvement from Coda

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Agreed that the exporting is something that needs to be improved on.

I guess at this point of time, using integration to pull data out to template generators seems to be a more viable option.

Thanks anyway!


Just following up on this now. Is there no way to export a table as a csv quickly and easily? Am I just missing it?


Dear @Tom_Huber,

There is no function to export tables to *.csv, Coda just recommends to copy paste the table to the location of your choice.

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