Printing to PDF using Zapier

Hi Coda makers! :wave:

Right now you can (sort of) print your Coda docs but they don’t look great:

  • File --> Print: for just one section
  • Ctrl + P (or Cmnd + P on Macs): for the entire doc

While we work on making printing from Coda better for you, here’s a quick hack on how to use Zapier + Gmail pack to print a section in Coda:

Step 1: Create a zap using this template

Step 2: Install the Gmail pack in your Coda doc

Step 3: Add a button that sends a section as an email.

Step 4: In the button setup, type the name of the section you want to send in the “Content” field

Step 5: For the “To” address in the button setup, use the Zapier email that was autogenerated in the zap you created in Step 1.

Step 6: When you push the button, the section is sent to the Zapier email address, where it is then printed to a PDF using Google Cloud Print.

Step 7: If you want to send multiple sections as PDF, you can create a new button for each section, and then a master button that pushes all of the section buttons.

Note: it takes a minute or two after you push the button for the PDF to show up in your Google Drive.

Unfortunately, charts and other table views don’t come through very well using this hack. If you have charts, maybe take a screenshot and save that as a PDF. We know this isn’t ideal, but hopefully it helps until we can make printing in Coda even better :grin:


Hi Justin, is there any update on the printing capabilities of Coda? Anything new that would be released soon?

Currently formulas and content on canvas doesn’t seem to be showing a printable content. Or at least I can’t figure out how.

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov, we’re aware of some of the current limitations with printing, and understand the need for improvements. As of now, we don’t have a further update on timing.

Hi Nathan,
Is there any progress on this ?


Hi. It’s been a while, any news?

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A few other features have taken precedence over printing at the current moment, but it’s not forgotten about. We are wanting this feature internally as well, so it is on the list for sure.