Label printing via Coda

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone accomplished label printing functionality? Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve.

I generate a QR Code using Coda and then I want it printed as a label from a connected machine such as this device.

I’ve thought about taking the QR Code, then sending it to google print via zapier and have the label machine connected to google print, print it.

Is there a more straightforward, easier way? There’s still the question how I should format it so that the label machine accepts it.

Hey @Rokas_Jurkenas
Recently there was a survey being done regarding printing to PDF direct from coda.
Its not implemented yet - but would that be a workflow that could help this?

(Really interesting workflow by the way!)

Dear @Rokas_Jurkenas,

This is the post @Brendan_Woithe mentioned:

Hi @Rokas_Jurkenas

I haven’t tried it myself, but maybe this post (by @BenLee) can help you:
Print from a Coda doc to a Dymo Labelwriter using URL parameters

That’s interesting, but need a Dymo to test it :confused: But this is more or less something what I’m looking to do, thanks!

Also, thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets and @Brendan_Woithe I’ll send my response from a survey.

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