Print ONLY a section?

Hey Guys,
Is there a way to print JUST a section rather the whole document?

Yep, I know you can always specify the pages of that particular section once the print dialog pops up but I find this cumbersome… Is there a way to print a specific section within a document?


I discovered last week that using the Chrome print command (instead of the Coda print command) allowed me to print only the selected section. I had really good results with it, actually.


@Ander what are you seeing because I’m not given the option to print only certain sections. I still have to manually choose which page ranges I want and agree with Shalin that it’s cumbersome.


See image below.

  1. Minimize Coda’s lefthand sidebar before printing (or Chrome will leave a huge left margin on the print page).
  2. Chrome menu > Print
  3. Adjust Chrome’s print scale as needed.

NOTE: It’s far from a perfect solution. I’ve had print jobs since my earlier post in this thread for which I couldn’t get a satisfactory print layout using Chrome, and others where I could. It’s just a hack until Coda rolls out a comprehensive print solution.

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