Print Single Section

It is probably more common to print a single section than to print a whole Coda doc (at least when Coda docs are being used in an app-y way).

Right now clicking the print button in Coda prints the whole doc.

Coda takes over the browser’s Command-P function, with the same result.

Manually going File > Print in Chrome prints just a single section (woohoo!) as mentioned in this thread. But that is cumbersome and hard for users to remember.

Request: Build single-section printing natively into Coda, and allow user to select whole doc, or current section, after hitting the print button (maybe in a flyout menu?)



Uh-oh, this has just broken for me. File > Print still prints just a single section, but only the first printer page of that section. Long sections used to span across multiple printed pages.

Edit: Fixed again! It now behaves as documented above. Thanks Coda team.

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now I cant use the Print anymore…why?


Oh dear, this is quite bad. I’ve reached out to support. Can confirm it was working yesterday. Coda team please revert this change until the full-featured printing system is finished!

Fixed! Looks like it was just down for the day while they rolled out full-featured single-page printing. :raised_hands:

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