Print Single Section

It is probably more common to print a single section than to print a whole Coda doc (at least when Coda docs are being used in an app-y way).

Right now clicking the print button in Coda prints the whole doc.

Coda takes over the browser’s Command-P function, with the same result.

Manually going File > Print in Chrome prints just a single section (woohoo!) as mentioned in this thread. But that is cumbersome and hard for users to remember.

Request: Build single-section printing natively into Coda, and allow user to select whole doc, or current section, after hitting the print button (maybe in a flyout menu?)



Uh-oh, this has just broken for me. File > Print still prints just a single section, but only the first printer page of that section. Long sections used to span across multiple printed pages.

Edit: Fixed again! It now behaves as documented above. Thanks Coda team.