Anyone using Coda to create invoices and send them to clients in a printable A4 format?


Is anyone using Coda to create invoices and more importantly, able to send them to clients in a format where the recipient can print it?

I’m trying to setup coda to create quotes and invoices which is achievable but I can’t get them processed in a way that the user can print them out on an A4 printer and look respectable like an accounts program.

Struggling here.

Nothing that I have found gives an “accounts program” look-alike printout just yet, as Coda does not support a full text editor just yet (fingers crossed).

I currently use an in-house app to pull data from Coda and create an editable PDF via the API.
However as that can be unrealistic for most people, I would suggest looking into the Gmail Pack. You can create a Section for Invoicing, then email that section to yourself, print to PDF on your end, finish the editing and then send to the client.

You can achieve a decent layout using headers and some of the markdown features or alt-code symbols. (ie. “—” creates a horizontal rule)