Send row as PDF (great for quoting and invoicing)

Hi Coda,

I think it would benefit all freelancers if there is an option to send PDF-quotes and PDF-invoices to customers via the hit of a button.

We can already create a layout so it would be great if we can also send that layout :-).

Good luck!

Hey @Bouwexpert_Online something you might consider is using the Gmail Pack to send an email. We use this to email our Purchase Orders and other dynamic content.

For invoices specifically, we skipped PDFs and we send them payment-enabled Cognito Forms. At the most basic you can send them an email with a link to the form. We have gone further and used the client info in the row to dynamically prepopulate the form with a custom URL redirect. This way, when the user fills out the form the company name, invoice number and other fields are hard-coded in so when we push the data back into Coda using Zapier it will always match up.

In our case, this is superior to PDF because not only do they get the invoice but they can pay right then and there, and then when they pay, we capture that payment information and use Zapier to push it directly into Quickbooks Online. This eliminates the Accounts Receivable human part, further saving time and increasing accuracy! Good luck!