Can a row be converted to pdf

I have a invoice table wherein each row is an invoice. Can I convert the row into a pdf form which can then be emailed to customer?

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Hey there @swavalambhi_enterprises !

Yes you can - though not as easily as the export to pdf option already available for pages.

You will need to construct the PDF on a new page utilizing canvas based formulas that pull information from the rows into the canvas.

The best way to do it, in my opinion, is have all your canvas based formulas be dependent on a canvas based select, and then have a button in your table that runs the following action

  • Runactions(setcontrolvalue(select, , openwindow(page with pdf))

This will instantly set the control value to the company/client you are developing an invoice off of and then open your printable PDF invoice page that you can export and Email.

This is a great way to structure it though because you can add other objects to your PDF such as company logo, text, header image, etc and make a really nice printable/exportable and dynamic invoice.

Let me know if you need further help or clarification!

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Hi Scott, may be I am getting it wrong with the wordings

Above is a format of my invoice table.

Hey there @swavalambhi_enterprises !

The permissions on the document are set so that I cannot view it. I did request permission to view it (the request should come to your email to grant) or you can change the permissions so I can see it here!


Sorry Scott for late in replying your email.
I have unlocked the document

Thanks again


Hey @swavalambhi_enterprises, I’ve used the Coda API to generate completely bespoke invoices from rows, I’ll send you a DM.

Scott, I can’t find info on how to construct a PDF programmatically in coda. Any pointer will be much appreciated.

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Can we add a button to:

  1. Indicate the canvas column and information to be printed
  2. Automatically navigate to page where all the canvas + column information are there and ready to be printed

Is it possible?