How to export data in one row in table

hello , i want to export ( pdf ) data from one row in table , what solusion thank

Dear @huy_tran, welcome to the community

Although I am not so much in printing, I now realize that it’s quite many steps to be taken :thinking:

Expand the row you want to print

Right-click in the expanded screen

select “print” => to *.pdf and adjust the settings according your needs

And you should be good to go :star:

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One other option is to create a new page and use a canvas control so you have a select list of the rows from that table to choose from, then use canvas formulas on the page to show the values from that row. You can print the page to PDF this way.

It’s a good note for us to have that it can be beneficial to be able to print the modal popup of a row at times too though, so thank you for the question and feedback.

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