Printing row as a PDF on a single page

Hello Dears,
I am working on a doc that I copied from gallery, it is called “Flexible Invoice System”.

This document has all I need, but I lost a function, which is printing the layout as pdf.

I will share the related links for this issue, please support.
doc link: Flexible Invoice System
in the down of this webpage you will find the table of invoices.

I need to print one invoice as pdf from the following view:

please support

Dear @Nizar_Alkelany welcome to the Coda Maker Community,

The location to print you will find as shown in the screenshot

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thank you for your reply, but this is not useful for me.

I only want to print the designed invoice as following:

Hi there, it doesn’t look like we offer an option to print a row as a pdf. I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread over to Suggestion Box as a request.


Thank you very much for send my request to the suggestion box

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This feature would be super useful for me and my team.
With the addition of the new Canvas Column features, it would be especially useful to be able export and/or print those.


@steph please check and if there is an update post us

Did you really try suggestion from Jean_Pierre? I use it in many docs and it sure works for me. I think it is not the most elegant way and I am hoping for a button pdf function someday, but I can live with the current solution for a while.
Greetings, Joost

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I already submitted it to the suggestion, however I think more people submit this more the development team put it in their plan

A print/export-to-PDF row feature is urgent for me! Should include any PDFs and images uploaded to the row as well.


Upvote +1 from me as well!

This feature would be amazing!

This feature would be a huge benefit to me!