Sign up to test an unreleased Coda feature!

Hello Coda makers!

We have something exciting brewing! We’re looking for a handful of makers to test an upcoming release and offer feedback in a 15-20 min research session conducted by Codans.

If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek and shaping the end product with your feedback, drop a comment below and I’ll reach out with next steps.

We’re planning to complete testing over the next two weeks - so don’t delay!

Thank you!


Yeah @Joe_Bauer , alwaaaaaaaaaaays in for beta testing :slight_smile:

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Hi Joe,

Count me in.


I’d like to participate too, thanks!

Count me in.

Looking forward to it.

I would love to join :grin:

Hello Joe_Bauer

I am available to try the beta :slight_smile:



Yes, if canvas related, I’m in.

I am in 1000000000000%

Of course! Let me in!

Hey @Joe_Bauer — interested, don’t leave me out :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Joe_Bauer. Always happy to test new features and give feedback. Count me in too :slight_smile:

Good morning - Count me in!

I am just wondering WHAT we are signing up for…

It is so good the world cannot know yet
It is such hard work, Coda is worried nobody will sign up


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:raising_hand_woman:t2: Yes please! I’ve had such a great experience beta-testing features!

Yes please, definitely interested to beta-test the new features!

Count me in please. love to join.

Thank you everyone for your interest! I’ll be reaching out individually with next steps. Super excited to get started!

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I’m interested if you’re still looking.

I am also interested if you need extra folks. I give great feedback!