Beta access to... a single home for all the building blocks

A few weeks ago, we launched Quick Insertion, which lets you type / and search for any object to insert it instantly.

While Quick Insertion works great for existing users who already know what they want to insert, it is not ideal for users who want to discover new things that are possible in Coda. We’ve also been working on a unified home where all the building blocks live so that users can slowly go through things they don’t already know about.

We would love to get early feedback from the Community on this new experience. Keep in mind, this feature is meant more to help newer users discover what they can do in Coda. However, we want to make sure it is also working for existing users of Coda. Moreover, for those of you who have helped new users get started with Coda, we would love to hear how this feels.

If you’re interested in trying this feature and giving us feedback, please respond below and I’ll reach out with instructions.



Love to help! We’ve just got our parent company to start dabbling in coda so would be good experiment since brand new (generally not tech savvy) users.

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Love the Quick Insertion, especially for inserting a divider line.
Love how regularly you launch features!



I would like to test it

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I’d like to try it out please.


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Hi we would like to try the new functionality. Thanks!


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I’m interested in try this.

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I would love to see how this works.

William Love

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Yes, please…I’m always interested in new features

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I’m interested in trying this new feature. I love Coda so far and I’m looking for all I can to learn more about it.

I’m also using Notion and AirTable. Even though I used to be a web developer, I’m really nerding out over the whole no-code movement. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing,


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Let me in . Please .

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Let me in please! We’re starting to on board our entire company and I’m keen!

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I would love to test this and share my feedback with you

best, christiaan

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Hi @Angad :slight_smile:
As a current user i’d like to ask if this feature will change something for me as “old Maker”
I’m not able to see the “Settings” icon in your gif and i want to be sure that that part of the interface with the doc map, statistics ecc is still there!
Please don’t tell me you have changed also that!
I can’t re-learn coda every month :sob:

Happy to review this for you. In fact I am a new user with a bit of time on my hands so probably well placed to provide some feedback.

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Please and me to test the new feature.

Hi Angad,

I would like to try it out!

would love to test this

Please add. And if there’s anyway to be added to all the new beta features, sign me up!

Please, add me up! :+1: