Beta Access To... Slash Commands

Hey everyone

As Coda gets more and more powerful, it can be hard to remember what all the features are and where to find each one. We are working on building a centralized way for you to discover all the things you can add to your doc and insert them quickly.

A lot of modern products now rely on slash commands, where you can type / to see a full list of objects you can insert. You can also start typing to search for an object and add it quickly without leaving the keyboard at all.

We have an early version of this feature ready for you all to start testing. Please keep in mind that this version may change significantly before we launch it.

If you are interested in trying this feature and sharing your feedback, please respond below and I will reach out with instructions.



Hey Angad , I’m interested. Please sign me in

El El mar, 4 feb 2020 a las 9:57, Angad Singh via The Coda Community escribió:

I’m very happy to Coda product team decided enhance Doc User-experiences. Please sign me in

Yes please, count me in for the Beta :slight_smile:

Yes! Awesome news! I’m in!

Hi Angad,

that’s cool: yes, please consider me in the list of beta users.


I’d be interested thanks

Hi Angad,

Consider me interested. Thanks in advance for signing me up.

Vriendelijke groet,

Joscha Filius

Hey! Angad, would love to try this, we are always interested in how other apps can power our workflow on Coda.

P.S. We’re always around and love hearing from you. Please get in touch if you want to ask something or even just to say hello :slight_smile:
Hemanth G
CEO, Wipadika Innovations


Seems awesome, would love to try it out

Looks great! Would like to give it a try, too.

Yes please

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Very interested in trying this out!

I’m interested! (More characters!)

Would love to try it!

Hi Angad,

I would love to test this option and provide feedback.

+1 Wanna try this feature!

I would like to test this feature.

Yes please - would be up for trying this

Count me in if possible.