Call for Beta Testers for "Decaffeinated Pack Maker" toolkit

We are looking for Coda makers to join a small group (5 or 6) of dedicated Beta Testers to test out and report bugs and issues with the Decaffeinated Pack Builder tool we are building at Agile Dynamics.

We are especially looking for Coda makers who

  • know Coda fairly well.
  • but do not know Javascript or Typescript.
  • or know very little Javascript etc
  • and want to build some Packs.
  • you may need to learn about APIs and JSON if your packs consume data from external sources (we are still working on eliminating the need for JSON knowledge).

We have labeled this as ‘Decaffeinated’ to emphasise the goal of eleminating any Java based coding and know-how from the process.

The Beta Testers will be asked to join a dedicated Slack channel, attend a series of Zoom workshops and then report on their progress building their chosen packs over the next 3 weeks.

The problem we face is this… having a lot of experience with Javascript and declarative programming languages, we find it almost impossible to fully understand what it’s like to try to build Packs when you DON’T know those things. So we need some ‘non-coders’ to work with us to test out our thesis and toolset.

Please PM me on this platform if you would like participate.



The curse of knowledge, indeed! Super excited for this toolkit, and nobody’s better equipped to bring this to fruition than you, @Xyzor_Max!


Yes would love to do this !

Hey Max! I would LOVE to try it out. This sounds so fun :slight_smile:

For sure!! I’ve got a list of packs to make. But until literally 5 minutes ago, learning JavaScript was blocking me!!

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@Xyzor_Max exactly what I’ve been looking for. Would love to help out, sign me up!

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I love the transparency in your project and this is why you will be successful.

Knowing that you don’t fully know what you need to know that others already know will shape your destiny.

That’s a quote that I will be famous for 20 years after my death. LOL