Launching my 'Visual Basic (VBA)' Pack - need beta testers

In the coming week, I will be launching my VBA pack.

It lets you define actions using the Microsoft Visual Basic (VBA) language (that is used for Macros in Microsoft EXCEL).

This is targeted at those with existing workflows in EXCEL and VBA that they want to port to Coda.
It is also very useful for anyone who knows VBA and finds it easier to define their logic in that language.

But tight now, I need some serious testing done before I release it into the world.

So I am looking for volunteer beta testers who can take a pre-release version and test it out in various scenarios (it is safe to use in your existing documents) to find any defects, especially in how it is documented and explained.

Simply private-message me here if you are interested.

In the weeks that follow, I will also be releasing similar Packs for Javascript, Python and Clojure programming languages.

So anyone interested in beta-testing those should contact me also.



Great. I’m more interested with Python though. :smiley:

JavaScript! Put me on the JavaScript list!

Wow, I’m totally interested in the upcoming Packs for Python and Javascript although I’m not sure if I have time to join beta testing.
Amazing work :kissing_heart: