Game: LIP2: Out of the dark ๐Ÿ•ฏ


Chapter 2 out now:

Best way to spend the time on the pool during the hottest summer in Austria: creating a new adventure game in Coda :slight_smile:

This time with a lot of performance improvements, better controller and: A Game Creator to easily make your own games based on the :building_construction: LIP2-Engine.

New controller :joystick:
Use the all-new 2-axes controller without confirming your next move.

New items + eating system :school_satchel:
Find new items to collect or eat and stay healthy with a balanced diet.

New world generation system :earth_americas:
Better balancing with a new world generation system, that loads objects only as often as they should. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Faster loading times :dizzy:
The shorter your game was, the faster will your new game start.

No bug fixer :heavy_check_mark:
Removed the โ€œempty fieldโ€ bug completely.

Most loved features are back :raised_hands:t4:
Already known action based fighting system, improved highscore system to compete with your friends, three levels of difficulty and a new main and side quest are waiting for you.

100% Coda :spiral_notepad:
Made with 13 tables, 57 controls and 58 formulas, Lost in Paradise 2 is the most advanced and lightweight game of the LIP-series.


Main Menu

New Controller

Ingame Footage

To play, open the shared document, make a local copy (click the arrow at the document name) and start:
-> Get Out of the dark :candle:

-> Create your own game :building_construction:

(If you also want to check out the first chapter: Game: Lost in Paradise)

Enjoy chapter two and let me know if you run into bugs or have suggestions :slight_smile:

Simulator game on Coda
Several actions for button

This is really cool! Iโ€™m excited to check it out


Love it!!! Suffered a loss in my first round, just came back for a high score of 660.

The interactions are really smooth, great work.


Thanks :slight_smile: and congrats to 660 points @nathan :raised_hands:t4:

Pro Tipp:
Use Codas new Presentation-Mode and zoom in a few steps with cmd++ for a better experience.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: SO AWESOME!


So awesome! A nasty spider took me out in my first round for a score of 520.

How to get all the unique values from a select list of select from table