Once you zap the fun don't... stap?

BIG NEWS :newspaper: - we just officially launched our Zapier beta! We’ve been asked a ton over the past few months about how to bring data into and out of Coda, and now we have an anwer. It’s the first step in a longer journey to extend Coda into the world - we are excited for the Coda community to try it out!

Big thanks to @Jonathan_Lakin, @Raul_San_N.H, and @Evan_Walden for working with us through the early stages of development and building some awesome examples! You can read more about them here and see them in action in the Gallery.

What will you build with Zapier? Share your docs / templates with the community and we can feature them!




So many possibilities open up thanks to this Zapier integration!

Specially for the feedback tracker I’ve been dreaming of for years. I just need Intercom does a better job with their tagging system ; ).

Thank you @evan!


We will :slight_smile:

Also, we’re keen to make this more powerful for Coda too