🎮 Doom on Coda!

I finally pulled it off!

Remember Doom on Excel? There used to be a complete 3D shooter game created in Excel with macros. Then there was the one with no macros at all — formulas only! Well neither were exactly Doom but both amazing proof of concepts nonetheless.

Given that Coda is Turing-complete meaning it can process anything, and there’s rich graphics capabilities with the help of this SVG hack, I decided to take up the challenge and create something even more daring.

After an all-nighter I guess I’ll go get some rest. Enjoy!


I can’t wait to see this Paul, can you share your doc ?

Oh, sorry for that, here you go :upside_down_face:


This is an impossible level of creativity and Coda knowledge.

Loved it! Well done!

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No way! You’re geniuses!

how did I miss this… I’m dying right now hahaha