I'm back and I launched a Patreon about Coda

Hey Community!

Here’s something unusual from me: I launched a Patreon

There’s a video where I explain my reasons in detail. But shortly (and honestly),

  • I’m a bit tired of doing doc-building-for-hire work and would like to advance to something emotionally rewarding, like sharing knowledge and helping folks to get the most out of Coda on their own.

  • I feel miserable that I haven’t been active in the Community lately, haven’t been sharing tips and tutorials for a while now, and haven’t yet launched the long promised blog, all because I’m overloaded with work and have no energy, and also have unhealthy perfectionism.

I realize Patreon probably won’t replace my work entirely (in terms of revenue) especially since I want to save up for some life goals. So I’m doing it not as much for the financial gain as for motivation to put more effort into creating educational content and getting it out sooner, perhaps in unpolished form but regularly.

If you feel like supporting my efforts, please consider becoming my patron :blush: There are some cool perks for each of the tiers, and more to come as my Patreon grows.


Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good! You have so much to share. Thanks for taking this step :pray:


Subscribed! Why do posts have to be 20 characters? :laughing:

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:raised_hands: :clap: Hip Hip Hip… Hoorayyy :clap: :raised_hands: :grin: :tada:!!!

Congratulations Paul :grin: :tada: !!!

And Thank you :pray: !

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Nice! Love that you are working towards being able to do what you are most passionate about with more of your time (and I think the community will benefit a lot from that). Subscribed!


Subscribed as well :smiley:. I wish you a sucessful start!