✴️ Coda Tricks 2.0 — A complete reboot of my YouTube channel about all things Coda

Hey Community, long time no see! Got a little stuck in life, with the war and my burnout and all, and started feeling left behind.

It’s time to make a comeback and with a splash, don’t you think?

That’s why I’m SUPER HYPED to finally present to you what I’ve been working on for the last few months:


This is a complete reboot of my YouTube channel, and this time I’m serious.

Farewell those 5-hour long lectures once in a blue moon!

This time the videos will be:

  • concise — edited (at last) to be shorter and straight to the point
  • simpler — a range of topics and levels, not only black magic :slight_smile:
    because beginners need good expertise too
  • dynamic — with carefully crafted demos that 100x elevate the points
  • regular :exploding_head: — twice a week, with a healthy pool of pre-recorded videos in the queue
  • and aesthetically pleasing — I finally made myself some branding!

In fact, you can see it for yourself.
I’m already launching with FOUR various episodes:

:thinking: What’s the catch, Paul?

There’s no catch. The videos are free, and this is now my plan: I’ll publish all my knowledge for free. There will be courses eventually, but they will be all about experience (mentorship, assignments, office hours etc) not gated knowledge. Yes, I’ll still be selling some premium packs and docs, but I’ll be squeezing as much free educational content out of them as I can. That’s the current plan, at least.

However, as much as I found the resource in me to finally pull this off, the hardships in my life didn’t go anywhere. So I still very much need your support. TL;DR: I cancelled on all my clients so that I could focus on creating these for you. But I only have limited runway, and if it ends I would have to seek gigs again and that’d leave me with no time or energy to keep making the videos.

That’s why I also rebooted my Patreon. If my answers ever helped you in the Community, please support me today. I learned from my mistakes: now I’m only offering the rewards I can fulfil, and the subscription tiers are also much more affordable. If you support me, this would allow me to teach you honest and high quality things. I don’t want to ever clickbait you or make trash sensationalist content to please ‘the algorithm’, or aggressively upsell you on any premium stuff, or sell you sponsored junk. I want you to know that you can trust what I’m teaching — just like you’ve all been trusting my numerous answers in this Community.

:point_right: Please watch this video on how becoming a Patron will benefit both of us

These four videos are just the beginning — these are pretty much my first editing experience :sweat_smile:
I think you can see how PUMPED I am right now. Imagine what I’ll do next if I have that so much needed kickstart from you.

Click here if you were a part of Superpowers or purchased Learn in X

My new plan to publish all knowledge openly now kinda deprecates these both things. That said, I’m not giving up on my promise to compensate you with something of comparable or higher value.

If you were a part of the Superpowers сourse you’ll automatically be invited on my first “Experience” group at no extra cost. As somebody who already got my training, you’ll be on the fast track to become one of the Mentors for future cohorts.

If you purchased the Learn Formulas in X Minutes guide and declined a refund, I’m granting you the same rewards as becoming my patron for a whole $100/year would grant. I can’t bypass Patreon’s payment to put you on the platform, so I’ll be sharing all the content with you directly — please expect an email from me later this week.

To close off with a call-to-action:

Subscribe → watch → like & comment → become a Patreon sub :slight_smile:


Wow, congratulations on this reboot! The new format you chose for CodaTricks looks very promising.

Already watched “10+1 Things…” and it was very informative, without being arcane. Looking forward to discovering the rest!

Thank you Paul for your commitment to Coda and this community :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


very well done indeed paul.

the perfect mix of humour, information, insights and trickery.

edited to the millisecond of perfection!

sooo looking forward to more.
worth patronising, for sure



Great videos! Congratulations, @Paul_Danyliuk!
The How to Structure Your Doc video inspired me to finally start rebuilding a pretty elaborate doc I made a couple of years ago from scratch(!). Is it a lot of work? Absolutely! Will it pay off? Without a doubt! Especially since I am able to simplify tables and formulas at the same time.
Excellent work on your channel!

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You got this @Paul_Danyliuk ! I benefited greatly from the Superpowers course … was well worth it! I look forward to your future videos. Thank you for all of your contributions to the Coda Community!

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The new stuff looks great. Thanks for contributing so much high quality information to the community!

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Thank you everyone! :raised_hands:

Super glad to hear you like the new stuff!!

Meanwhile I just released a new ep:

And this weekend I’ll finally make time to:

  • first, record at least 4 episodes upfront — those will be simpler ones — to make room for another epic one;

  • and second, clean up the docs to distribute to $10 patrons and actually distribute them — earlier I had made a pack for that and it’s finally time to use it.

I hope this year will be epic. If the patreon campaign takes off, I’m up for many great things such as more creative packs, more docs, two courses, and, of course, more help in the Community!


Hey Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know I really like your new presentation style.

As far as Coda knowledge: you are the best. In the past, the videos were informatitive, but too long (for me). The new style is very informative and even though I know a thing or two about Coda myself, your videos are now inspirational to get even more out of Coda.

I hope enough people will be inspired to support you.

Keep up the good work,
Greetings, Joost


That’s amazing, man! Loved the revamp and the more concise approach.

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Came by to say “Well done Paul!”
Already a patron

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I have learned so much from you in this community. Love the revamp. Subscribed!

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