✨ Brain Dump — Capture nested tasks effortlessly with Coda AI

My final project for the hackathon was a bit rushed. If only I knew I could actually add the video to devpost after the deadline :sweat_smile:

Nonetheless, it does what it was meant to do, and sometime later I’ll polish it and turn into a complete and proper template. Because this might be the first productivity/tasklists doc that I’ll actually want to use.

The problem with most task list solutions is that they expect you to set up lists (tasks, subtasks, hierarchies) basically manually. You either do the endless clicking to groom the lists, or most likely you just don’t do anything at all and give up on the tool.

You’d say, but AI will generate all the tasks and subtasks for you, just tell it what project you’d like to do? You’d wish! Sure, AI can come up with some generic tasks and subtasks, but how relevant will those be to your context? I dare you to try and see for yourself.

Nah, we’re stuck with entering our own tasks by ourselves. At least, for now.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way AI can help.


:brain:   Brain Dump

In this experiment I’ve set up Coda AI to process the tasks you’ll be sending its way as a stream of thoughts. You can send either structured-looking tasks and subtasks, or use the natural language, and Coda AI will properly understand it and place each task in its correct place.

Structured                                                Natural language
- Brain Dump
  - Make the Intake Form
  - Make the simple Kanban
  - Record demo video
- Secret Santa
  - Record the video
Clean the room:
- Dust wipe the table
- Vacuum clean the hall
Also under cleaning
add Mop the floor

And for those cases where it’s mistaken, there’s the refresh button and the manual edit/merge capabilities.

The ultimate goal with this process is to work with intake methods such as instant messengers. For example, I use Telegram, and it is super easy to create yourself a personal telegram bot that would forward messages to a Coda webhook. This way I won’t even have to open a Coda app or sit at the computer — I can just SMS the bot and have my tasks end up in my inbox in [usually] already organized way, ready for me to just click confirm.

For now it’s only an intake process, and a very simple kanban (but with a twist, because I can’t just do primitive :joy:). But even now this can sorta be paired with My GTD doc, i.e. you can combine this intake with that doc’s Eisenhower and the scheduling calendar. But ultimately I want to implement the vision I explained in this topic, in the Conceptualizing video.

Check out the doc:

And that concludes my submissions to this hackathon. Seriously, with 168 submissions in total and a few very solid ones, I’m suddenly not so sure I can win the grand prize. Well, certainly it won’t be easy. But regardless of that, this was a fun marathon and I enjoyed every piece of it.



Very interesting way to approach dealing with tasks. I live in Things3, and I will have to think on how to transition over to your method or use it for certain tasks that appear in our corporate CRM. Thanks!

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Thanks. Although it’s not a complete doc yet, and definitely needs some tweaking.

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