Help me see the possibilities with forms!

Coming from Sheets/excel, where I log my activity at work, by inputting data into a spreadsheet’s row, column by column. I’ve moved a lot over to coda, but making a good, ‘app-like’, where I can quickly jot things down on mobile, seems impossible.

But I was hoping for some inspiration.

To give some some context. I log time and place, and type of activity. ‘type of activity’ should ideally filter the dropdown menu for som of the next categories, like “firm” and then “contact”. I dont want the 200 contacts,. but just the contacts belonging to the chosen firm.

And then some numbers like the count of participants divided by gender, and a field for notes.

And of course, if I dont have the time to fill out all the fields, I would have liked to be able to reopen entries later, to fill out the less forgettable stuff.

I’m not asking for the solution for all of this, because I would ideally connect this with appointments in my Google calendar or tasks managed in coda - but I want to see what can be done!

The forms I make just make me want to go back to AppSheet or some nocode-appmaker for Notion.

Hits home; maybe this will be an inspiration?

It’s not a finished project but this could give you ideas and be a starting point for something that will work for you. This way you’ll make not a form (or a form, but with a single input field), or better, connect to a messenger of your choice (I’ll soon make it possible to use WhatsApp directly with Coda), and let the AI figure out what fields to fill out based on your natural language input. Then you get back to it when you can and do the necessary grooming.

Thank you, Paul! I’ve spent many hours learning from your YouTube videos. I really appreciate your contributions! Your suggestion here is really interesting, as I use google calendar, and sometimes the description field to jot down stuff, which I’ve tried with several hacky methods to parse and put in a log automatically. I know myself good enough that if the interface feels less than immidiate responsive, unreliable/unstable/easy to make mistakes, one device-dependent, cluttered with info or visual elements I’m not familiar with myself, - I’m either going to not use it, or I’m going to postpone logging and jot down info on a plethora of physical papernotes kept in pockets and bahgs everywhere…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I were to guide a person describing my problem, I would advice the person to be more disciplined, get used to and learn the look of all the microsoft products’ GUI, and just get it done as soon as possible after finishing an event.

But I wouldn’t bet on it actually happening.

And the thought of involving Ai to summarize the events on a monthly basis and just write out a suggestion for a report is tempting enough to spend more time.

I got your doc working, but need some a lot of time to understand what is happening behind the scenes. Also see the potential of actually avoiding forms, or any unfamiliar textinput-protocol, or what to call it… I should probably try harder to understand this ‘webhooks’-thing mentioned everywhere. It seems to be a part of a lot of clever solutions.

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