Tips and Tricks with Gretchen - Tuesday!

I’m so excited to co-host a webinar with @Gretchen_Teagarden aka adoC_mama about her amazing doc she built to support her children as they worked through remote schooling. We’ll nerd out about how docs get built and share tips and trick!

Reserve your spot here!


That’s cool! I just started moving my kids school work for our homeschool into Coda recently. They hated using SharePoint. They didn’t mind working with OneNote but they are enjoying the way Coda works for note taking.


A new COVID wave is coming, so a doc like that would be useful.

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So bummed that I couldn’t attend live due to an unforseen event. But will definitely check out the recording to learn from your insights!

Was hoping to watch the recording, but I just get a screen saying “You cannot view this recording, no permission” :slightly_frowning_face:

Is the recording indeed available for those of us who missed the live webinar?

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I’m uploading it to Youtube now - I’ll post it here and on Coda webinar schedule when it’s ready. Thanks!

Here’s the link! Maker Stories | Gretchen's No Nag Homework System for Families and Remote Learning - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing your insights with the community, @adoc_mama! What an elaborate doc, your kids are so lucky that you built this!

Loved the way you used Coda icons (instead of emojis) for the calendar view! Did you access these via

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Thank you @Nina_Ledid for your support. The icons came from @Scott_Collier-Weir 's doc → Get Coda Icons in your docs

I wanted to make the doc as “app-like” as possible and having all the icons coordinated helped with that. I’m looking forward to your Maker Story coming up!!!

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Thank you @maria for organizing the Maker Story series!

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Hi Susan! That is so cool to hear. I’m sure we have many stories to swap about navigating at-home learning. Take care -G

Oh my, how can I have missed this doc until now?! Thanks so much for sharing, @adoc_mama and great work, @Scott_Collier-Weir !

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