Get Coda Icons in your docs

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I’ve always believed that If you don’t have a document you enjoy looking at and using, frankly it doesn’t matter how useful it is - you won’t end up using it.

In every doc I make I am constantly thinking about the user-interface and how to make documents easier to use and frankly, more beautiful. Something I’ve always wanted though are those nifty Icons on the side-bar that you can assign to pages. You know, these things:

Well I finally found a way to get them into tables, as select columns, into the canvas, and more. Check out the doc below to see and then start using for yourself or click here to open the doc → Icons Doc

(Shameless Plug: If you don’t have time to work through all these tables but still want documents that are fast, intuitive, and frankly look great - I work as an expert Coda doc builder for hire! Reach out and lets chat if you are at all interested →


@Scott_Collier-Weir, well done indeed.
i am grabbing this and plan to use it.

buying you somecoffees for sure

i had tried something like this earlier

but nothing like as ELEGANT and POWERFUL as your document



@Scott_Collier-Weir , very well done!


Nice catalog! And nice use of the canvas columns as well. Wondering how you’re extracting them — is there any API beyond what I reported earlier, or are you just testing through the icons8 library to see what works?

BTW these icons can be set programmatically onto pages. There’s an Update Page API endpoint (IIRC also available through the Cross-doc pack), and the name of the icon with dashes like google-docs (the part before .svg) is the one to use.

No API beyond what you reported - You are correct, simply some URL manipulation figuring out which ones land (produce an image) and which ones don’t. Trial and error!


Very cool! This will be so useful

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Here’s the link to buy @Scott_Collier-Weir a Ko-fi! I know I did. Thank you for this amazing doc!



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