Can I use the pages icons in the doc?

The range of icons available for the pages is really nice, wondering if it’s possible to access those same icons to use in the docs themselves?

Side point: Not sure if this is feasible, but would be sweet to have Font Awesomes icons available too!

I like using those icons as well. They are images, so they can be used in the doc.

Here’s an example of a project manager where I added them for various things…

It would be nice to have an icon set that’s more accessible for content though.

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Thanks Ben! Good workaround solution.

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Side question Ben, do you happen to know where these images come from? Curious because I’m surprised by some that are available.

They are from “Icons8”, a third party service.

If there are any that are an issue, you can contact support and we can look into removing them if needed.

Good to know! And no not at all, just for example I thought it was strange there’s a React icon but no Javascript icon, sometimes niche icons exist where more common ones don’t, but overall it’s great.

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