How do I get to see ALL the Page Icons available in CODA?

I love the nice icons Coda has available for my pages.


I only see a small number of them at any one time!

If I type in a topic, it selects a bunch of icons it thinks match the topic, fine.
But sometimes, I find one later that I would have liked to use, but it didn’t show up!
Other times I cannot think of the right topic name to find what I’m looking for.

Where can I get a look at the FULL set of available icons (and the labels they use, so I can select them)??

And… I would like to see the full set of icons available for buttons as well.


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@Xyzor_Max I affirm your experience. The icons in Coda would be useful if they were accessible via a Coda packs table.

brief history of request for icon search (click to expand)

brief history of icon library used (click to expand)

@jeo ,

thanks for such a rapid response.

so… its a vast collection.
i don’t think you use them all.

is there a specific subset used by coda?

the site has the same problem, i cant just list them all. my clients place great importance on these graphical metaphors… so i really need to show the full set if possible

perhaps i can buy a license from that gives me access to them… again, i need to know if there is a specific ‘pack’ or subset coda is using


so you visit and select style ‘color’ or ‘fluency’ and you see all the available categories

open each category and you see all the icons for that category

i have created screenshots and put them into a document and shared with my clients

they can now see all the icons available and their label
so they can pick the best ones for each page

they are delighted

thanks again @jeo for this pointer


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@Xyzor_Max Glad to see you discovered a solution of sorts. I just spent a bit of time searching for a way to accomplish this and your reply was the most promising lead I could find.

Any chance you’d be willing to share that Doc?

the document below provides links to all the icons used by CODA, grouped by their category names.
you can type in the category name in the icon selection menu to get those icons directly.
you can copy the url from the icon you select and use it elsewhere in your documents.

or you can just click on the category’s button and it takes you to the webpage for that category in your browser



@Xyzor_Max : I think you forgot to check the Anyone with the link section in the Share menu and set it up to Can view :blush: (we can’t see your embed at the moment :innocent: )

oops. can you confirm its accessible now?


It’s now perfectly accessible :grin: :raised_hands: !

Thank you :grin: !

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Not all of the icons8 fluency (color actually!) icons are available in Coda though. Icons8’s collection apparently grew since icons were uploaded to Coda.

Meanwhile I “found” the API responsible for returning icons for a given search:

Only 50 max at a time and only if SEARCH term is present, but it’s still a bit more than the default 19 variants you’re given.

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ok, so we replace the ‘SEARCH’ string with the topic I want to search, eg: ‘TOOLS’ and it responds with a JSON structure listing the first 50 matches.

So, @Paul_Danyliuk , how could i use that URL in a document, get the JSON object from the website and then use ParseJson() to render that into a list of image names? Then maybe create a table of those images?

I can do this in javascript, but must i wait for the new js pack feature? or can it be done now in CODA?

I tried doing ParseJSON(embed(‘’))
which brings back the resulting json ok, but then fails with error “unexpected token h at position 0”

its as if the embed() works to display the json on the canvas ok, but does not ‘return’ the json as a string. so the parseJson() only sees the url string?

excellent & well done