A few suggestions

Hey there! Slowly porting over everything I use in Google Sheets into Coda, and thought I’d just share a few thoughts and things.

  • For the All Docs list that the homepage opens up to, I’d actually love a little more flexibility with arranging my docs? I had this system where I had it all sorted by name and I’d group docs together based on a number if they were for the same thing, and I’d love to implement it in Coda.
  • LOVING the new options to start a table, but I’d really love the option to customize my blank table before generating it? Like an option to populate more than 3 columns or rows? If I could even set the column format before generating it, even cooler
  • A variation on that: adding more than one row at a time? I’ve got a thing I wanted to build with 160 items, and it’s unfortunately a spreadsheet at the moment because adding row after row got tedious really quickly

Anyway, I know I got very specific use-cases, so totally understand if none of these will work. And thanks for all the cool (and really regular) updates!

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@Shannelle_C thank you for the suggestions.
Doc Management is something we are thinking a lot about.
I have sent the feedback about table customization to the team.
For bulk adding row there are a few ways to do it - Create a button, or bulk copy and paste rows -

and have you tried copying the spreadsheet over to Coda - we do some pretty cool stuff on copying over.

Once again glad to see you porting things over and appreciate your feedback.

Ooh, that’s great! And I definitely didn’t think of that. Honestly, bulk-adding wouldn’t be something important to me right now if I suddenly didn’t have the biggest influx of sales. :joy: Cool problem to have, but it’s definitely stretching the limits here

Thanks so much for responding!

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