On table for all team and tasks or not?

Hi there!

So I’m starting to plan an activity doc for my team. At the moment we don’t use Coda, but the classic combination of Slack+Jira+Figma+GitLab+Notion. I see the potential on including much more in Coda and less in other of those tools, and one template as a Designer, that really took my attention was this one Figma's approach to modern PRDs

Now I’m wondering since I’d like to structure something similar, what’s better between a cross table management of tasks/backlog:

  1. having a master table with everything column needed in it and then having views to that master db filtered for each needs, eg divide per team, per effort, per active or not, etc. etc.

  2. having a master table with just the task and some general info and then having table with lookup to master for tasks but deal each table individually adding columns for each needs more than filters…

Hope this make sense, and look forward to read some suggestion from the community!

Its very nuanced depending on your use case. Typically you can put everything related to the tasks in one table and then have other tables to create registers of activity around the tasks.

Coda is fast and easy - you can probably build/mock both and see what works best with your workflow.


I agree with Johg - just slap something together, and play with it. Stress test it, because you are probably going to change it a couple of times, as you get familiar with the tool.

Personally I prefer fewer tables. If you take into account that SAP’s S/4 HANA ERP system has a single table at the core of its accounting system, with everything else as views, there must be something to the idea of having fewer tables.

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Thanks you all for your kind answer. As often the best option it’s the one you’ve tested, so I guess I’ll start making and then draw the line.

Thanks you!