Is it possible to have a button in a Card view not show up as "Model"?

I often switch between Table and Cards view, and I heavily use buttons. When I switch to Cards, the buttons always show up as just “button name” then “model”. Is there a way to either

  1. Hide buttons in Cards view (without having to manually add them back in Table view) by default


  1. Actually have the button show up and be executable in a Cards view (this would be the ideal in my mind)

Hi @Michael_Ferrell,

Buttons not working on Card View is a current issue. I’m also a big fan of buttons and this same issue catches me too. Since cards can be moved by clicking and dragging, and since they’re a view on mobile as well, it’s been difficult to get buttons as another click-point added there as well.

Two work-arounds that I use in these situations are creating a View of the table for each layout that I need, then I can set each one up with the display that works best. The other layout that can be customized is the row popup layout. So if you click on a card to open that row, you could have the button on that layout to click.

If you have questions of views or want more specific suggestions, you can always create a sample document to share here and the community can chime in with thoughts and ideas.

Fyi @Michael_Ferrell found the trick. Take care with the setup though (watch the video)