Push all buttons in table


Looking to push all buttons in a table or view. Is this possible by having a push buttons button in a doc?


Yes, it is possible. Create a new /button and select the action “Push buttons”:
Then just select the table and the column that has the buttons in the “Select button” option:


Cool! It is also possible to push buttons in rows with a specific value? @Sebastian_Zegada

You can write a formula like:

Table.Filter(expression to filter only the rows you need).ButtonColumn

and it will first get you the rows by filter, and then click buttons in the ButtonColumn only for those rows, e.g.

Tasks.Filter(CurrentValue.[Due date] = Today()).Postpone
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Yes. The approach @Paul_Danyliuk is very handy.

Also I can suggest to put a condition to disable the button, here:

That way your filter is dynamic (e.g. If ( Or ( this condition, this other condition, etc., = True(), False() ), and you can control that the user or an automation don’t push all the buttons in the table.

The control button (the one that pushes all the buttons in the rows) can stay like mytable.mybutton, and the disabled buttons in the table won’t take any effect.

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