Buttons with DISABLEIF filtered by table?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone knows of a way to set a “push buttons” button to DISABLEIF a value is filtered out by a certain table. I realize that I can put in the same formula used to filter the table and reference any selectors, but then if someone adds or removes a filter later and doesn’t update the button, then they won’t match up anymore. Is there a way to simply have a button do this?

Basically I want buttons that say “for everything in the table below, do this thing”


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HI Tim,

It depends on whether the button is in the table itself, or on the canvas. If it is on the canvas, what I would do is have a button with runActions() to first filter the table, and then do the action that is needed.

If the button is a column in the table, there should not be a problem, as view will show only the rows that passed the filter.

Did I understand your question correctly?


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Hi Piet,

Hm I’m not sure. I’ve embedded a demo below. The table has a filter to show only things with Variable AAA. The “push buttons” button has no DISABLEIF setup so it will create a row for all in the table regardless of filter. I can set up that button to have the same exclusions as the table filter, but I want a way for the DISABLEIF to match whatever the filter is set up to exclude.

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hi @Tim_Richardson1 ,
the filter you have in place to hide the BBB is a filter on the view of the table, as long as in this filter you hard code your argument, I don’t see a way to achieve what you want. Once the BBB is linked to an other table you can make something smarter I guess
cheers, Christiaan


:wave: Hey there!

It actually is possible to do:

You cannot trigger the button based off the Master Orginial table. You have to:

  1. Create a view of your normal/master table
  2. Filter that table
  3. Make your button push the buttons from the filtered View

I also made it work in your doc above!


Wow yes this is exactly what I wanted, thank you!

Such a simple solution and yet one I never would have thought of, for some reason…!


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