Using a button to only click on specific rows

Is there a way I can combine a filter with runactions? (and how?) I have a button that resets a column but I only want it to reset the new rows added for this week, not prior weeks because I will lose that data.

Why of course!

Above is how you can do it with your button and using a filter, just like you asked. Just make sure to open up the formula editor for the buttons actions

The other way you can do it is press ALL the buttons in the column, but write a disable-criteria on the column buttons that disables the ones you dont want pressed

Let me know if you need anything else!

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@Scott_Collier-Weir. Hope I can add a question this. Is there a way to trigger all the buttons in a column but only those that are visible (i.e. not those in rows that have been filtered out at the Table/View level)? Thanks.

Sure — just use the view’s name there:


This will press the button in the column named MyButton on all rows that are visible for the view with the title MyView.

(also no need to enclose it in RunActions)

However, Scott is right. For the safety sake you should additionally set the “Disable If” clause on the buttons that shouldn’t be clicked, even if they are effectively filtered out. Human errors tend to happen, filters tend to break (e.g. because someone removes a column somewhere), and eventually someone will reset far too many rows. Better safe than sorry.

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Thank you for this and to @Scott_Collier-Weir.

Hi. Sorry to come back to you on this, but I tried the approach of @Paul_Danyliuk and I have it working with MyView, but I now realise that solution is not quite what I need. I would like to be able to do the same thing but on the original table, not a view. Is that possible? I tried using the same formula on the original table and as you can see below it doesn’t work. (For my learning, why would that be?)

Like that — not possible. When you reference a base table in a formula, it always refers to the full dataset, not the filtered one. I.e.,


will always try to click all buttons in every row of the base table. You have to explicitly .Filter() your table, which is not possible to recreate with the filter bar because you cannot programmatically access the values selected in the filter bar to use them in a formula.

This is one of the reasons why best practices exist, and one of them is to not use base tables in your ‘for use’ part of the doc but keep them tucked away and use views instead.


Thanks for the explanation. Looks like I have some videos to watch!

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