One button to push them all

I have a table with a button in it.

I need to push a bunch, but not all, of those buttons… just the ones with certain criteria (i.e., a checkbox in the row is checked, and another field in that row is blank).

Rather than go row by row, pushing sometimes hundreds of buttons (kill me), I’d like to set up one big master button outside of the table that I can press that will press all the buttons in rows that meet that criteria.

I thought I figured this out, but nothing happens when I push the master button. Here’s the formula I’m using:

      [TableA].[CheckboxField]=true, [TableA].[OtherField].IsBlank()

Thoughts, brilliant ones?

Hey you can totally do this! Start by typing /button on the canvas:

Then choose the button you want to have pressed; this will reference the column in the table that holds the buttons:

Do the filtering at the button level - in the table that holds the buttons, specify the Disable If criteria to turn off / disable the buttons you don’t want pressed. This way, when you press the One Button to Push them All it won’t affect the disabled buttons.

You can then go a step further and add an automation to press this button too! Good luck :pray:


Soooooooo THANK YOU @Johg_Ananda that does work… but it takes FOREVER. Like my list is 48 rows long and in the past 30 minutes it has processed only about 1/4 of the buttons in the table.

Any trick to speeding up the process, or should I just tell my client to go do other stuff while it’s processing?

@Kelly_Claus generally Coda is pretty quick and it shouldn’t take that long for 48 rows. However if you have a doc with some heavy formulas that aren’t optimized, it can take a long time for some things. Without seeing your doc it’s impossible to know.

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