How to press selected buttons

Hi, brand-new user here. Is there away to select buttons on multiple rows in a database and press them all at once? I know I could do this with a formula on an external button, but the criteria for the buttons I want to push is a bit arbitrary, so I think it would be more efficient just to do it with manual selections. I have over 4000 rows in this database, and I would want to select and press large chunks of buttons at once.

Hey Victor! Welcome to Coda! :orange_heart:

I think what might help here would be an automation to push these buttons based on whatever criteria you’d like. Check out this awesome guide to Automations to get started: Automations in Coda, how automations work in Coda | Guides

Let us know how it goes! If you get stuck, feel free to reach out here or to the Coda support team and we’ll be happy to help get you unstuck :+1:

A simple solution would be to create a checkbox column, with which you can manually select rows with your arbitrary criteria. Then create a canvas button to execute an action for each selected row, like pressing a button.

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