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Hello, forgive the 101 question, but this is difficult to search for due to the generic search terms.

If I want to press a button in a table row with a formula what is the syntax? Is it ThisRow.Button.Activate()?

You mean, press a button with another button? It’s just thisRow.Button then.

You cannot press a button (make an action) from a calculation formula, i.e. from a formula column. Actions can only be triggered from action contexts: other buttons and automations.

Can you share more about what you’re trying to do? There can be plenty different ways depending on what’s the thing.

Thanks for the reply!
I have a to do list app, and when a user hits the “done” button, which is a column with the type button, I want that done button to press other buttons on the row.

I want to split it up this way so I can trigger things in steps for debugging

Is this right?


Yes, if you need to click several different buttons in a row, RunActions(btn1, btn2,…) is the way to do it.

And if you need to click the same button on multiple rows (e.g. mark all filtered tasks Done), no need to wrap that in RunActions — you can simply call e.g.

[My Tasks].Done

where My Tasks is a filtered view of tasks that you want to set all to Done.

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Thanks! I thought I needed to add a function like activate() for some reason

Activate() is an older function that opens up a row modal. It’s now replaced with OpenRow() as a more configurable option that allows selecting in which context to open it (in the context of which view). Basically you never have to use Activate anymore.


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