Formula to push a button

Can we have a formula to push a button in a row?
For example I have task table where one of the column is a Donebutton, a Start timer and Stop Timer and I want the Done to automatically close the timer as well, which means pushing the Stop Timer among other things it’s supposed to do.

I cannot quite find a formula that does it, any help?

Hi @Chen_Zhong :blush: ,

There’s no “push button” formula because you just need to reference the button you want to push as an action in your button formula :innocent:


Let’s say I have a button doing something … and I also want it to push another button all I need to do is wrap the “principal action” and the “name” of the button I want to be pushed in a RunActions() :blush:

In the sample you’ll find below, I’ve created 2 buttons.

The first one, is the one doing what you’re looking for and it’s Action formula looks just like this :

    thisRow.[+1 (Button 1)], 
    thisRow.[+1 (Button 1)] + 1
  thisRow.[Pushed Button 2]

What it does is just add + 1 to the value of the column called [+1 (Button 1)] and then push a second button called [Pushed Button 2] :blush:
The [Pushed Button 2] also just add + 1 in another column :blush:

This doesn’t answer fully your question (I mean, regarding your actual setup), but I hope this helps :innocent:


Thanks! Problem solved!

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