Several actions for button

Is it possible to make a several actions for different tables on a one button?

For example: i have two tables - tasks and sprints. Tasks table have a lookup column to sprints table. I want to place button “Start new sprint”. It needs to make 2 actions: in sprints table - create new entry. In tasks table - set value in lookup column for not closed tasks to new sprint

For now i can make only several steps in action for button.

Hey @Alexander

what you can do is to push multiple buttons with one button.

If you want to insert something into two tables:

  • Button 1 Add Row to Table 1
  • Button 2 Add Row to Table 2
  • Button 3 Push Buttons -> Button 1, Button 2

BUT there is one restriction:
The buttons are kind of triggered simultaniously. That means, your Button 2 does not wait for results of Button 1 and can therefor not reference a row that is created with Button 1.

This will NOT work:

  • Button 1 makes a calculation and creates a new row in table A
  • Button 2 reads the value of the new row of table A and uses it for table B
  • Button 3 Push Buttons -> Button 1, Button 2

Example workaround I used in the Game: LIP2: Out of the dark 🕯 :

  • Formula Z on the Canvas makes a calculation
  • Button 1 refernces the calculation Z for table A
  • Button 2 references the calcuation Z for table B
  • Button 3 Push Buttons -> Button 1, Button 2
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Hey @Alexander @Daniel_Stieber, I’ve been wondering the same thing regarding buttons. I’m trying to make a submit button for a row of information, but I want to have more than one thing happen as a result of hitting the button. Is there a simpler way to do this than creating 3 buttons as Daniel has suggested?

The forms with pre-defined actions are rather limited (with Push Buttons as a possible workaround), but you can do some very advanced stuff without creating extra buttons by switching to a formula in the actions area and using RunActions(). As an example, I am modifying the current row and creating a new one for some “carry over” button through something like this: RunActions(AddRow(...) ,ModifyRows(thisRow,...))

Based on my experience, the actions are executed in order of appearance.