Convert a Gmail column to a Calculate column Possible?

I have a bunch of buttons that were originally set up as Gmail pack column type. (Not sure if that’s the right terminology for the column). I now need to add more steps to the button that the Gmail button can’t handle.

Is there a way to either convert this to a regular calculate type? Or display/edit the real formula that’s actually under the hood? I’d prefer the latter if both are possible.

Could you share an example? Not quite following your question.


Sure. This is what it looks like currently:

But I’d like to see the actual full formula “behind” this dialog box (?). I know there’s a formula behind this pretty dialog box.

Thanks Monroe.

There are two aspects here, the one is the button itself. The second is the “On click” edit box. This box determines what the rest of the button dialogue box looks like.

What goes into that box is not user modifiable, not is the next big that says “Gmail”. If you were willing to write a pack, you could develop something for day Yahoo mail, or Hotmail.

However, top right of your screenshot is a little formula icon, if you click on that you can get to the underlying formula. You can still only change as I mentioned above, BUT you can now put this in for example a runactions() that will allow you to execute formulas before and/ or after the actual sending of the mail.

It all depends on exactly what it is that you want to change.


Thanks a lot! However now that I have content in the other boxes, I’m getting this message.

And, yes, I want to use this with a runActions().

It would be best if you could share a working example of the problem, it is very difficult otherwise.