Button to show who clicked

How can I create a button which shows in other columns the user who clicked on it and their email address in a way that it is not possible to edit after the user clicked on the button.
I am looking for a solution where the column which shows the name (and email) of the person who clicked contains somehow a formula so in this way you can not edit the actual name and email address.

It is okay to be able to delete, just not edit.

Hi @Tamas_Mahner

Please have a look on this little embed document.

When a user click the button, it modifies an HIDDEN column with the user who clicked
Also, you have a DISPLAYED column with a formula, with value equals to the hidden column.

Then, people wont be able to modify the displayed column. Finally lock it if you have a team plan. If not, please keep in mind that people still can show column.

Please let me know if this answer your wish.


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Yep. The moment I wrote the message here I realized this solution as well.

So I am wondering if it is possible to use only 1 formula at the button options so to reduce columns number. And also to avoid that a user would find the hidden column.

Maybe with Formulamap?

Unfortunately, I dont think so. The action run by a button will be to modify rows, with a value JUST ONCE.

What do you have in mind using formulamaps ?

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I don’t really know. I think I will just go with this solution for now. :slight_smile:

OK, if that can help you that’s great :wink: That’s the easier solution I’ve in mind for now.

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