In a table, get the user who pushed a button in a table cell, display that user in another cell/column

Hi all, I have a pretty basic use case that I’m stumped on.

I have a table with several columns. In one column (A) I have a button that pushes two other buttons for a row. In another column (B), I want to display who pushed the column A button. While I do have a status column, I am not currently interested in tracking who’s changed the status. I just want to know/display who’s clicked the button in the row.

Can someone figure out how to get the value of [user who pushed this button]?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Jules,

I believe you can set the value of the row to the user who clicked the button via the “User()” formula. You can use “RunActions()” in column A to allow the button to perform both actions (pressing the two other buttons, and also displaying who pushed the button in column B)

This is the formula you can use for column A that I believe should achieve the result you are looking for:

    thisRow.[column B],
  thisRow.[Other button 1],
  thisRow.[Other button 2]

I set up a test table here demonstrating what I mean. Feel free to play around with it, and let me know if this solved the problem!


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