Capturing user name & the row which they clicked

Hello Team,

In the image uploaded, there is a Request Button - this sends out a automatic email to the SPoC with the user who clicked in the CC of the email.

Is there a way we can captured the user who click which row button in a different table in order to know who is using this use doc actively.

Hi @Puneeth_JN :blush: !

I’m currently away from my keyboard but I think you should be able to accomplish this by adding a AddRow() action after the “send email” one you already have (both actions will need to be wrapped within a RunActions()) and for the value to input in the field meant to store the user, you could use User() :blush:

Your formula would look similar to this :

RunActions (
  [Action 1: Send email],
    [Field meant to store the user], 

Sorry I can’t do more at the moment but I hope this helps a little :innocent:

Thanks a lot!! Appreciate you help!

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