Buttons - won't show my user name in another table


I have some text in a cell in a table and I want people to be able to click on a button in the cell next to the text to say “I’ve read this” and for the user name and time stamp to appear in another table.

I have nearly done it with a bit of help from support! But I can’t get it to show my user name and time stamp… It’s actually showing user() now() in the table rather than the actual user name.

I don’t know why. Also I would like it to show the cell names in the first column rather than the link. You can see my pathetic first attempts here https://coda.io/d/Risk-Assessments-2020_dNGONgRv9Qn

If anyone could help I’d be grateful.


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher,
and welcome to coda Community! :handshake:

I guess that you should just familiarise with the tool.
You actually put "user()" and "now()" in the “I’ve read this…” button column.


In the same fields you should type “=” (equals) to open the formula editor that allows you to type the real User() and Now()formulas.

Like this:


And then


Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks so much - I’ve managed it! I haven’t managed to solve the last column though as you can see https://coda.io/d/Risk-Assessments-2020_dNGONgRv9Qn

So for example I would like the last column in the Ive read this table to relate to the Hazard mentioned in the cell same row in the related risk assessment table. Eg “Access by strangers / general security” for the button Ive been testing on.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher,

You set restricted permissions on the doc, so I can’t currently see/copy it.
Based on the old copy I had (if you didn’t change it), basically you just need to set thisRow in the Risk Assessment column.

Let me know.

It’s done - so easy! thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. The doc is really coming on now!


Me again - any chance I can get the button to change colour after it has been clicked?