Sending files in columns using the gmail pack and also the format formula


Does anyone know how to send a file in a column using the gmail pack button and the format formula?


You can’t do it sadly - its probably my absolute top request for Coda. Please @Eric_Koleda or @alexdeneui! Work some magic and let us send attachments via the gmail pack.

Airtable can do it relatively easy though with their gmail action as a result of an automation trigger if you need a quick solution.

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i have solved this for a client only yesterday!

create a new page and place a view of your table on that page. hide every column except the one you wish to include in your email.

on another page, place a button to send the email, giving the PAGE as the body of the email.

it sends the entire page, with the whole column(s) in the view in the email (but not as an attachment, alas).

in my case the column was a complex canvas-column with formulas to show all kinds details from the row - all nicely formated as rich text.

the client loved it.


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I would also really like a pack that can send attachments, even better if it was for Microsoft 365 (Exchange) that would wately improve some of our workflows , but Gmail will also work as workaround :slight_smile:

But no actual attachment?

Thanks! would it be possible for you to send a screenshot of how you did it?

no. no attatchment. the columns appear in the body of the mail.

Dunno if you’ve thought of this, but maybe you can just upload a file and then share a link of the shared file


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