Send the page referenced in a column in a table through the Gmail Pack Button

Hi everyone -

I’m looking to use the Gmail Pack to send a page to my recipients. I have a table setup like so:

RecipientEmail | GeneratePageButton | PageResult | GmailSendButton

I push the GeneratePageButton to create a new page in the document from a template. The page URL is added to the PageResults column. I then edit the created page heavily, and once done can move on to send it.

However I can’t find how to tell the GmailSendButton that the content I want as email body is not the page link from the Page Results column, but the content of said page. I’ve tried PageResults.ObjectLink() but the formula will output the link of the row in the table.

I know that you’d usually just put down a page link in the Gmail Button, and it will grab all content in it. That’s ultimately what I want to do, but I need to pull it from that PageResults column. Any thoughts?

Not sure if this is frowned upon here, but bumping this thread up since I haven’t been able to sort out a solution :hugs:

bump away, its fair play!

i dont think it is easy to tell the pack to use the contents of a page.

my main suggestion is to change from using full coda pages, and instead use a canvas column in your table for the email content.

a cell in a canvas column is almost exactly like a coda page in terms of formatting and layouts etc.

if you search this forum, you will find several posts on how to use a template layout for canvas columns.

if you really want to stick with using full pages, then look at the ToHtml() formula. it is only available in a buttons formula.

you could use that to copy the contents of the page in pure HTML format and send that as the content of your email.

but i am not sure how you tell the gmail system to treat it as HTML and not text.



Hi Max! Thanks for your reply, although like I expected there doesn’t seem to be a fix for my use case.

The tricky thing working with Canvas columns in a row is that even when you have them filled from a
template, the tables and formulas that I want in there would not be properly connected.

In my situation, I am creating two pages - the first one contains a table with a checklist of items, and the second is the body of the email, filled with formulas to output the correct text, depending on whether the items are checked or not in the first page.

If I want to use canvases, I can’t see a way to get the formulas in Canvas 2 (email) to be linked to the table in Canvas 1 (checlklist) in that same row when the new row is created.

I haven’t been able to use the ToHTML() formula here either.

Guess I’ll rethink this from the ground up!

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