Send email button dynamically changes the content page for each table row

I have multiple report pages that I want to send as email, so I compiled them in a table, each row with the details for each email (subject, recipients, etc.).

I’ve managed to make the “Recipients” and “Subject” to work dynamically, but the content page doesn’t work. In the column “Content Page” I used the page reference ("@") to link to each different page.

Is it possible to make this work? How to proceed?

Hi @Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora,

Your setup for reaching the content right now is a chain of formulas which Coda won’t follow. And there isn’t a way to designate separate pages the way you have setup unless you create a SwitchIf() formula that is really just hardcoding what pages you want to use for each row.

I think it would be easier if you used controls and variables on a single page and also included the “Send Email” button there in the canvas. This way you could choose from a dropdown and have all the data change accordingly within the page, then hit send.

I considered this before, but it’s just not feasible for me in this case. There’s too much customized text/formatting.

That’s a bummer… Is this a feature that you guys would consider to add? Seems like a no-brainer to me to also have non-hardcoded page links for emails, since it already supports dynamic inputs for the other email fields.

This doesn’t feel like a common use-case. Having a custom page for every row isn’t really an efficient way to make this happen. Do you have a screenshot to show where using one page wouldn’t work for you?

Another option is to use a fully HTML email and use custom code. This can lead to a fairly big formula, but it can be done and I’ve used it before to have full control over the layout and style.

You can check the “Email Code” page in this template. There is code for including tables as well.

Here’s another example that’s a little more modular, but still relatively complex…

I have a feeling that with certain hacks it is possible to make this work. I’ll give it a try when I have time.

However, I agree with @BenLee that the best way around that would be designing your email sending setup in such way that you can use a single page with inline formulas that read from some selected “current data set” item. Then you could update that selection and send the page with a single click. We do this in a financial report sender piece of our setup with my client: there’s a button that sends the same page to different team members, changing the “Current person” value each time, triggering a change in all formulas and filters in that page.