How to use the content field to send dynamic information via automated email

Hi there,
I connected my gmail account with a table doc and like send an email once a checkbox in one of the columns has been checked. All good until I get to the content field of the automation. I dont like to show a static message whenever the automation is triggered but instead send the information from a few selected columns of the row in focus (i.e. the row where the checkmark has been clicked). How can I do this?

HI Marc,

Welcome to the CODA community. I had a similar need last week, and found the following doc to be quite helpful. Very flexible, it makes use of the Format() functions to achieve what I think you are looking for.

Mail merge

If the message is fairly simple you could do it all in a formula in the content field.

Type “=” to make it a formula.

And then use Concatenate() to build the message (add commas between the different things you want to mash together):

  "Hi ",
  "! We're just writing to inform you that your appointment on ",
  " has been confirmed."